Makan Banaao comes up as a boon in city to locate properties with detailed information about its features and price. Here the website offers the investor to analyze every possible benefit and opt for desired property effectively, quickly, and inexpensively. Makan Banaao provides contemporary architecture to its investors under the umbrella of comfort and luxurious lifestyle. It believes in cost effectiveness and satisfying customers need as per their will. The company prove to be an informative hub to its clients to let them make better decision and turn their dream into reality to live in.


We believe in delivering quality in the form of luxurious lifestyle and better standard of living. By giving value to ethics we feel a healthy relation rely upon trust not just on selling and buying entities. Makan banaao maintain relation with its investors by fulfilling every possible moral and social responsibility.


Makan Banaao Infra India private Limited aspires to spread its wings in 25 cities (including Lucknow) across India by the end of 2021. We aim to take Makan Banaao a step ahead in coming years by empowering the brand to deal in diverse domains like Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Information Technology, Agro industry, Media, Film and Entertainment by the year 2025 . We will focus to maintain the trust of investors upon our brand with our quality services.